Flexible pavements are mostly associated with asphalt mixtures basically composed of asphalt aggregates and binders. They are composed of an asphalt surface layer called a lining or bearing layer supported on base, sub-base and subgrade reinforcement layers.

The asphalt coating is the upper layer designed to resist the actions of traffic and transmit them in an attenuated way to the lower layers, waterproofing the pavement structure and improving the rolling conditions (comfort and safety).

Compact paver on track

LDA Equipamentos is expanding its portfolio with its new asphalt paver on tracks, VB6000, produced with 100% national components and approved by suppliers.

One of the differentials is to bring to the market equipment with different characteristics from the existing ones, fully hydrostatic products that are simple to operate and maintain at a low operating cost.

The entry paver is the VB6000, versatile, agile and very productive, as it is a piece of equipment with a short and light wheelbase, it can be transported on a small platform.

The main features: efficiency, economy and versatility, with the latest technology. Ideal for small and medium jobs, the machine offers high operational mobility. It was designed for work in small spaces where a normal paver paver would hardly fit.

Through their innovative systems, they incorporate technology and operational practicality, with intelligent automation that, in addition to informing all the equipment’s parameters in real time, have a differentiated transmission system that provides great versatility and flexibility.

The tracks transmit all the engine power to the ground, due to the large contact area with the base, thus obtaining greater traction force. The force is generated according to what is required by the work of the machine.

Control Panel composed of handles to activate the machine direction, system through push buttons to activate the conveyor belt, the auger – helical distributor, table opening and silo gates.


Versatile and efficient, the paver has reduced dimensions, which makes it easy to move for paving services in urban centers.

The screed is hydraulically extensible, not requiring mechanical extensions to reach its maximum width, in addition, the equipment does not have sharp corners on the sides, which allows paving closer to walls and gutter guides.

The task of a vibrator is to produce a surface layer with a homogeneous pre-compaction in order to give stability to the asphalt mixture and a homogeneous texture, and then start the compaction process. This performance is an important factor in achieving the final pavement quality.

A paver consists of three basic parts:

  1. Main chassis;
  2. Asphalt receiving silo;
  3. Compacting screed.

In the main chassis are located all components related to the movement of the machine, such as diesel engine, transmission system, undercarriage (tires or tracks), control panel and components related to the transport and spreading of material, such as the asphalt conveyor, silo gates and hydraulic components such as pumps, motors and valves.

The asphalt silo located at the front of the chassis and is used to receive the asphalt mass. It has independent swivel side flaps and pivoted back rollers.

The compacting screed is the component that levels and pre-compactes the asphalt mass that was spread by the material transport system on the surface to be paved.

In the structure of the pavement, it is the layer that is intended to receive the load of vehicles and resist to weather conditions, and must be impermeable and resistant to the efforts of traffic. For each street, avenue, road or highway, there are different requirements regarding the traffic that will pass over it.

Small compact paver with table and equipment silo with large dimensions and weight suitable for work in tight places such as building garages, pavilions, multi-sport courts, etc. Possibility for street repairs or hole filling operations, as it does not require the complete closure of the road depending on the size of the machine.

The equipment is intended to serve small and medium-sized builders, in addition to city halls for road works, such as road resurfacing.

LDA Equipamentos will soon produce other equipment to complement the paving line, in addition to expanding the asphalt paver family with equipment with greater production capacity.


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